The Font-Bot Project

The Font Bot Project

Battling for the Future of Type Supremacy


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Garamond, Futura

Brooklyn, NY



Giro Outline, Museo 300 and Museo 700


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  • Damage Taken



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22 People getting rowdy down here

  1. Old man, I’m gonna come at you like a spider monkey!

  2. Spidermonkey has boobs. Giant double-DD boobs with giant C-shaped nipples. And they’re lactating.

  3. Spidermonkey is bad ass and so is that evil ass bird with the circuitry and talons with brass knuckles. Spidermonkey is out to the early lead but this one is going to come down to the wire!!

    2 worthy opponents indeed! GREAT JOB TO BOTH OF YOU

  4. All I can say is that bird bot is gonna look great perched in second place

  5. Spidermonkey already has a black eye where I punched it in the face and told it to get back in the kitchen.

  6. HeatherPi

    It’s like flashback Tuesday.
    Spider monkey looks like a forgotten member from KISS and the bird is doing the typewriter.
    Way to diversify! Nice job!

    • That’s right – cause you can’t touch this!

      Na na na na na

      Hammer time – on your face!

  7. Watch out for Spidermonkeys Gene Simmons tongue attack. You know how many rock and roll sluts that thing has touched, the residue alone will give you something you can never get rid of.

  8. Brenda

    Spider monkey can,t stay in the lines. Fly high cool bird!!!!!!

  9. I understand the rockets on the right arm, but what is the WXXXX thing? It looks like a dump I took earlier today.

    • You should definitely see a doctor, that is one jagged deuce. I am really just waiting for that bird to quit bowflexing.

      • What else are you supposed to do with your arms when you are doing power squats?

        Just wait for next week when he’s using the Suzanne Somers ThighMaster.

  10. What’s with the V on the chest? It’s certainly not abs.

    You just want everyone to know you have a venereal disease.

    Or maybe it’s that you still have your V-card.

    Or that really, deep down you’re just a vacuum cleaner.

  11. Bot in the East corner would be nicely camouflaged in the Windows Pipes Screensaver.

  12. My name is Giroseo I have camel toes for hands. I would punch you with these dangerous looking brass knuckles but I can’t seem to hold onto them.

    • Those camel toe hands held on to your mom just fine last night.

      And if we’re talking moose knuckles, look at Spidermonkey’s V for vagina pointing right down at whatever is going on in its crotch area.

  13. Mandible

    Giroseo might swoop down and scoop up some monkey babies for lunch. “kaw! kaw!”

  14. Melanie

    Alabama, Mmmmm your feet look delicious…Yeah I got nothing.

  15. NYB

    Thank you Alabama for gracing us with the first ever inbred font-bot.

  16. Dave

    I love the smell of toast in the morning!

  17. Ms. Murder

    I am about to kill some poor bot in the next battle. VOTE FOR MS. MURDER!


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