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The Font Bot Project

Battling for the Future of Type Supremacy

This Week’s Matchup



Bender the Offender


Battle Ground, Washington





Century Gothic

Covina, CA

Kristina Chung

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15 People getting rowdy down here

  1. heavs

    penelope will kick ur robo butt

    • ur worst nightmare

      so you think! Bender the Offender is going to bend the competition

      • coke and jack


  2. Ethanlac

    Bender just got dunked on.

  3. bil snosby

    the bender move sexual offender

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  6. UncommonSence

    Bender the offender he’s the one to beat, his opponent the the amazing robot Penelope, Its a battle off the best one will take a seat, as the other one rises up to victory

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  11. Josh

    When was the last time this page was updated? These two bots have been up for a few months now and a lot of these comments are from 2014-2015.

  12. RandySmize

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